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    RE: Store Signage

    Hi Evelin, We just branded one of the walls at our campus store. Here is a mockup of what ...

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    Store Signage

    Hello and looking forward to seeing all of you in Texas! Our independent campus store and I are looking ...

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    RE: Help!

    Hi Breanna, We have an apparel partnership with a Fair Trade Certified factory in India where every ...

  • Hello friends,  I have a group on campus who has a very specific list of requirements they would like ...

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The purpose of ICLA is to foster the highest possible professional and ethical standards, while providing collegiate licensing practitioners a broad range of professional advancement opportunities. Further, it is ICLA's mission to improve the overall understanding and effectiveness of institutional trademarks/tradenames and licensing, while upholding the ideals of higher education.

To achieve this mission, ICLA will provide educational opportunities to increase the knowledge and skills of its members; establish a forum for the exchange of meaningful dialogue to increase understanding of relevant industry issues and initiate and disseminate industry research, data and trends to enable licensing personnel to be better informed.


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