ICLA Webinar Recordings

The documents below contain the visual and audio files for all ICLA webinars, dating back to 2014.
e webinars are planned by mentees from the ICLA Mentorship Program and presented by various ICLA members. 

Webinar Date Topic Descriptions Presenters Additional Attachments 
October 24, 2019 Using Focus Group to Adjust your Focus

This Webinar concentrates on how to understand consumers’ buying habits & product preferences through fan surveys and focus groups.

Tomi Gerhold, Notre Dame

Katie Pugh, Florida State

Nesha Sanghavi, UG Apparel
Florida State Women's Apparel Survey - College

FSU Consumer Survey

Florida State Women's Apparel Survey - Alumni
April 23, 2019 Data and Doors

This webinar shares various perspectives and insights from licensees and institutions on how they have worked together and utilized sales and demographic data to impact their programs in a world where data is a form of currency.

Kevin Allen, Top of the World

Matt Chambers, Utah Valley

Zac Hanson, Logo Brands

Kyle Pope, Texas A&M University
December 7, 2018 How to Create a Yearlong Marketing Calendar How to Create a Yearlong Marketing Calendar shares various perspectives and insights from a university, vendor, and retail strategy point of view on how to strategize, plan and execute a yearlong marketing calendar.
Laura Driscoll, Miami University (OH)

John Pfeifer, Colosseum

Shelly Schrimpf, Grand Canyon University
April 13, 2018
Life of a Sales Rep

The webinar will focus on the best practices of sales rep teams and how that relates to the collegiate industry, including different approaches to how they sell college as compared to the "pro" market or in general sales. Chris Wolfe, College at Wincraft

Mike Sykes, Retro Brand

Joe Hauser, Blue 84 
December 6, 2017
What Happens in Vegas - Navigating the Win

This webinar shares various perspectives and insights from a university, vendor, and retail strategy point of view on how to strategize, plan and execute a yearlong marketing calendar.  Laura Driscoll, Miami University (OH)

Aimee Redlinger (Colosseum

Shelly Schrimpf (Grand Canyon University
April 11, 2017
Wait, What Just Happened? Taking Advantage of Micro-Moments

This webinar is providing our association audience with insights on how micro-moments are taken at Auburn University. 
Micro-moments is the term coined by Google to represent the many real-time, intent-driven interactions, each of which represents a critical opportunity for brands to shape consumers’ decisions.
Jennifer Blackmon, Auburn University

Jason Harbison, Auburn University
Seth Chapman, Weezabi
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November 29, 2016 A Look into the Mind of an Athletics Marketer This webinar was intended to provide licensing administrators an idea as to what the primary goals of athletics marketing administrators are, how they make decisions, and the timeline in which they make those decisions. The hope is that attendees walked away with a better understanding of a marketer's focus so they may better approach future collaborative initiatives resulting in further success. Joni Smoller, Kansas State University

Ayo Taylor-Dixon, University of Minnesota

David Paitson, Sam Houston State University
September 27, 2016 Balancing Tradition and Innovation This webinar shared how some institutions balance traditional licensing with innovative products and services that create unique and successful licensing opportunities. Aaron Martin, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Stephen Montayne, Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe

Doug Kouba, UC Davis
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September 29, 2015 Font Licensing 101 Rachael Bickerton, Boise State

Brad Bishop, Torch Creative

Phil Weiler, University of Illinois - Chicago
April 14, 2015 Creating and Sustaining Momentum in your Licensing Program Lindsay Martin, Butler University

Trey Ham, GEAR for Sports

Shane Hinckley, Texas A&M University
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December 9, 2014 Good Logo Cop, Bad Logo Cop Kimberly Spino, Sam Houston State University

Kathy Tidwell, University of Mississippi

Cole Price, University of Alabama
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September 30, 2014 Growing your Brand through Collaboration and External Communications Renata Hays, University of Oklahoma

Ryan Prowell, Boxercraft

Kristan Cole, Virginia Commonwealth University
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April 24, 2014 Programs for Generating Incremental Revenue Linda Gilbert, University of Missouri

Mike Low, University of Notre Dame

Brett Eden, University of Utah
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